Monica & Family!!! on Aug 20, 2012

Thank you, THANK YOU Lisa!!! My girls hair look the BEST they have every looked. I was thrilled. Everywhere we went today everyone was shocked it how lovely their hair looked. This says a lot since the girls are completely natural and received no chemicals. I just love the beautiful curls. Let's see how it holds up in the morning for school. Thank you so much!!!!! Our experience was so wonderful we will be back in a few weeks. Thanks again. Monica

Leah W. said  Aug 11, 2013

Elisha has been doing my hair for 5 years. She is an excellent stylist that cares about the health of your hair and scalp and is very knowledgeable about hair care products. My hair has never been healthier. She is very professional and kind. I was sad that she left VA to move back to NC but happy she has her own salon. At times when I couldn't make it to the salon, she came to my house. I don't know ANY stylists that will do your hair in your own home. And it looked like I just stepped out of the salon. I would rather have a professional stylist take her time and care about the health of my hair rather than someone who is just about making money and doing 8 clients at once. I hate that! Elisha focuses on one client at a time, and that's how it SHOULD BE. Highly recommended.

I moved to NC from CA a year ago and was in search of a black owned salon and found Modish Hair Salon on line. Elisha has been more than accommodating with my schedule. Elisha is a very talented stylist and I love going to her because I always leave very satisfied with the results. After I leave Modish and go shopping I always get compliments on my hair. I recommend the salon to anyone.